Selecting and Installing Kitchen Cabinets

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Kitchen Cabinets in Victoria

A bright, new and modern kitchen is a thing of beauty. One of the elements that can turn a drab kitchen into a beautiful custom kitchen is the careful selection and installation of kitchen cabinets. IKEA kitchen cabinets — just one choice for your cabinets, have long been known for their value and quality. To understand just how great these cabinets are, you should have an understanding of kitchen cabinetry in general and what you’ll find out there in the local Victoria market.

Unless you’re going for a custom wood kitchen with base cabinets made of wood and sized to fit, which is an expensive proposition costing tens of thousands of dollars, virtually every other option you’ll see has base cabinets made of melamine. Sometimes even semi-custom cabinetry has a melamine base. Thus, right from the outset you’ll have superior quality by installing IKEA components in your kitchen renovation. Not only will you have a superior product, the money you save on the purchase will allow you to splurge on counters, appliances or that special little extra that you just have to have in your new kitchen.

Selecting Your Cabinets

If you opt for IKEA cabinets, a great place to begin the process of of selecting your new cabinets is at IKEA Canada. Our website includes kitchen cabinet pictures to get you started, but the IKEA site not only depicts layouts, but also shows the entire line of IKEA Sektion Cabinets in detail, allowing you a choice of different finishes and fronts on your cabinets. You can also see available sizes on the website along with many other variations such as hardware, colors and available door front styles that will complement your decor. Some finishes will also provide you the opportunity for painting kitchen cabinets to a desired color once they are installed.

While on the IKEA website, you will also have the opportunity to look at the wealth of options available for cabinet interiors that will help you organize cookware, silverware and other gadgets. In other words, you’ll be able to see all available options that can make your life easier and see how they will be able to fit into your restyled kitchen. Interior fittings will turn your cabinets and drawers from chaotic spaces into organizational dreams that will make preparing food a complete joy.

Installation Considerations

One of the beauties of using assembled cabinets to remodel your kitchen is that you can use these components whether you plan to install them yourself or have a professional contractor like Easy Installations Victoria do the job for you. IKEA cabinets are ideal for those who want to DIY kitchen cabinets as they come unassembled, ready for assembly into recognizable cabinetry.

If you intend to DIY kitchen cabinets yourself, you need to have at least middle level home improvement skills to install these components successfully into your renovated kitchen design. Although you may have the necessary capacity to remove old cabinets, installing new ones take additional skills. Many DIY builders indicate that the hardest part of putting together cabinets is leveling them during installation. For individuals who don’t know how to do these tasks, Easy Installations Victoria is the answer. Because we are experts at designing and installing kitchens, we are able to help you install IKEA kitchen cabinets no matter what stage you are at in the renovation process.

Another little known fact about using unassembled cabinets is that you can use base units with custom doors and drawer faces that don’t necessarily match the base to get an even more custom fit for your chosen decor.

Whichever way you choose to go with your kitchen renovation, including selecting and installing kitchen cabinets, you can’t go wrong with the design and installations of IKEA kitchen cabinets and accessories.

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