Classic Styles – Farmhouse

We live in a beautiful city with gorgeous homes.  Sometimes, driving by them, all we can do is imagine what style the kitchen might be. Part of what I love about my job is the visions our designers create. One such vision is this Classic Farmhouse Style with a modern twist.

Classic FarmHouse Style

The door style is HITTARP (which is a long-standing favorite of mine) offered at IKEA. Hittarp is a high-density fiberboard, rather than MDF, with acrylic paint that is highly durable and easy to care for. Like usual, IKEA has a 25-year warranty on the materials! No other kitchen cabinetry on the market today has such an extended warranty!

One of the best features is the homeowners choice of a metallic looking tile, with a blending sparkle grout! I was very pleasantly surprised at just how amazing it turned out…it was a perfect choice.

Copper Metallic coloured tile with a matching grout…modern and classy!



As you can see in the picture below, the contrast between the cabinet and the copper look of the tile is rich. The cream makes the tile pop, while the tile makes the colour on the cabinets go from an “off white” to a rich deep cream colour.

tile meets cabinet
The contrast between Tile and Cabinet.


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