Create a Space that Reflects your Personality!


Who doesn’t love the exciting feeling of buying a new to you condo along with a big move from a smaller town.  Well sometimes that excitement can turn to regret once you get the keys to your new space and see it again for the first time.  There’s always hope!  The professional crews from Easy Installations and T-Square Construction worked with this very creative, confident client and reverted that regret back into excitement.


There were some immediate eyesores that needed to be torn out. 

This carpet is looking seasick there are so many waves!


Common layout that we’ve seen in many Victoria Condos

This was not a quick to design project.  During meetings with our client the designer, Esther Moores, determined which elements needed to be changed to result in our client’s dream space. But achieving that space was not as simple as we had hoped.  Condominiums come with many rules and regulations attached, so we needed to follow those rules and which created some in depth design discussion.  Esther developed a dream plan with our client which we submitted to the condo council for approval and there’s where we met some hurdles.  “No dishwasher, you can’t remove the wall to the dining area, nor remove partial wall to open view up to living room.”


The Dream Plan

So, with our dream plan rejected, Esther was sent back to the drawing board. This time keeping the wall in place to the dining area, but we received permission to remove the outdated built in book case.  Our client had no real use for a formal dining space and felt that a peninsula with seating for three would allow for a more functional space.  Another item on our client’s wish list was to have a built in desk and storage for her laptop when it was not in use.

Although IKEA does not have this type of desk configuration, Esther was able to design a custom desk space using the “Sektion” kitchen cabinet system, along with the “Kallarp” high gloss turquoise doors.



Our client is a tall woman, and having an opportunity to start fresh with a space built to suit her needs was ideal. Having a hidden range hood was another item on her wish list, so she could avoid bumping her forehead against it while cooking.  The first round of plans included a standard  30” oven, and there are many models for hidden ranges in the standard size, but with the new plans we had to size down to a 24” oven.  It was not the easiest task to find a 24” built in hood but our friends at Coast Wholesale Appliances were able to find the perfect fit!


Model: INSM24GR Inca Smart 24”


Here’s some more looks at this stunning finished kitchen!




Uppers – Ikea’s Veddinge White

Bases – Ikea’s Kallarp Gray-Turquoise

Handles – Ikea’s modern aluminum Blankett pulls


Island Floor Centre’s Fioranese Cementine Black and White


Supplied and Installed by Bullseye the Granite Guy

VicoStone BQ8660 Quartz




Check out this vintage IKEA Wall Hanging our client had, we love this bold statement and how she tied in elements of red throughout her space to really make a statement.



But that’s not all! This whole condo needed a revamp!

The entrance to your home sets the tone of your space and can hint at what’s to come for design elements throughout your home.

Typical boring entry way closet.

We were able to remove the existing humdrum bi-folds and replace with Ikea’s Sektion system pantries with the Kallarp doors to create functional storage area.



We see many condos that have the exact same bathroom, most of them with no updates since they were installed 30 years ago.  This was no exception.


Busy wall paper and a light fixture that is just not functional for a bathroom space! The light is definitely an original, with another one on the other side to match.


This had to be a gut job, replacing everything.  Ikea makes stock sized vanities, but these don’t always meet the space and design requirements. Once again, Esther worked her magic on the Ikea Sektion kitchen cabinet system to create a stunning and functional space. To tie in with the kitchen we used the same Veddinge White cabinet doors that are used for the upper kitchen cabinets.






We couldn’t be more pleased with how this stunning space turned out!  It was definitely a collaborative effort between the client, the designer Esther Moores, and the T-Square Construction crew along with all of our trusted sub-trades and suppliers.