Feel Good Friday – Getting started!

Well, it’s not exactly the hot and sunny day we are used to, but rain is definitely a happy thing on the island this weekend! My week has been horrible, but since I am now recovering from the Flu, I really needed to get out a Feel Good Friday post….so here is one of my favorite quotes from the Mouse himself, Walt Disney.

Begin doing!
Let’s get started!

One of the hardest things about doing any kind of remodel is actually getting started. Dreaming is the easy part…it’s when the reality of the situation comes crashing down that you realize the process can be a lot more complicated and time consuming than originally thought. Dreaming is good…I emphasize that a lot in my posts.  But being aware of the reality is also good. Have high expectations of the quality of our work and of the cabinets themselves…but don’t have high expectations that your kitchen will be finished in your imaginary timeline. We are very clear when it comes to timelines; don’t have them. Each step of the process takes time away from the actual installation of your cabinets. It could be up to a month just for fixing your old space for the new cabinets…longer if you have a contractor that doesn’t work for us, or that ignores our custom designed kitchen plans. Especially if you need to have repairs done…drywall, electrical, plumbing, tile, flooring, counter-tops; all of it is dependent on other trades fitting your kitchen into their schedules.

And because it can take longer than you thought, the best bet is to get started now! Give us a call today for your free quote, and meet up with our team of designers and recommended construction company for the kitchen of your dreams!