Feel Good Friday – Positive thinking

Having the power of positive thinking can definitely change your whole outlook on life….it can also change your outlook on your remodeling project!positive thought quote

Most people look at all the negative going on when living in a construction zone. “Its too dusty!” “Why is it dirty?” “No one cleans up after themselves!” Instead of being negative, think POSITIVE! “I know it’s dusty now, but it’ll be worth it when my new kitchen is ready!” or “This is taking a long time, but I know it’s going to be beautiful!”

One thing to remember, is that not one construction company “cleans” afterward. Tools will be picked up, sawdust will be swept up, scraps and extras will be taken away…but the dust and grim that needs to be washed with hot soapy water? Sorry, that’s up to you! There are many wonderful cleaning companies out there that do what is called “post-construction cleaning” at very reasonable rates. Consider hiring one for when your project is complete for a few hours. A team of professionals will come in and in a short period of time, it’ll look like there was never a construction site there…all you get to worry about is putting things away and planning your first dinner party to show off your amazing, brand new, professionally designed, and custom installed IKEA kitchen.


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