Flash Back Friday

Designer Spotlight: Lindsay

Here’s round two of our Flash Back Friday series, this time focusing on some of our favourite kitchen’s of Lindsay’s from 2016!

First up is this gorgeous modern kitchen in Ringhult High Gloss White.  Lindsay worked with the homeowners to plan out their kitchen and bathrooms using Feng Shui techniques.  The math and the dimensions were derived from Feng Shui mathematics, as well as the colour pallet.  This is a stunning dream home made for two.  The clients were interested in creating focal points around the kitchen; like the back window and the shelves around the range.  This is a timeless look that works perfect in a modern home with ocean views.  Lindsay really bonded with these clients as they trusted in her design process which really helped to create a wonderful unique space!

We love this statement glass back splash and the white appliances that give the kitchen a stunning monochromatic look.

The pops of colour really stand out in this all white space.


Next we have another space in Ringhult High Gloss White.  These clients are true DYI-ers but relied on us for the professional installation of IKEA cabinetry.  They were drawn to asymmetrical modern design using the Maximera Drawer functions in their pantry and base cabinets.  This space will be used by a family of four that loves to entertain. They live in a Broadmead home with 1970’s architecture and loads of windows to their outdoor back yard space.  We designed the kitchen to have maximum design impact but not to take away from the beautiful views that surround their property.  These clients were wonderful people and with a background of working on multiple renos of their own, they were very clear and precise in their expectations!

The stunning grey countertop makes a huge impact with the waterfall edge on one side of the island.

Lots of big windows bring in natural light while pot and pendant lights throughout the space accent a vibrant kitchen that isn’t just made for cooking, but for entertaining.


Another of Lindsay’s favourites from 2016 was this classic Grimslov Off White kitchen. These clients were a pleasure to work with and trusted in Lindsay’s design expertise.  This kitchen used to have a table for seating near the windows and was a small footprint.  The clients decided to make an opening bigger in the kitchen to allow for the formal dining room and living room to feel more apart of the kitchen, so we go rid of the old kitchen seating and opened the space to allow for more cabinetry and a better footprint with the new open concept in mind.  If was fun to work with the client on preparing open and wine storage, as well as create a unique look coming into the kitchen that had more furniture appeal then just placing cabinetry; for example the glass panty and wine racks.  These clients were lovely and I feel she got the kitchen of her dreams!


We always want to help our clients maximize their space, using Ikea’s Horda wine racks is an excellent way to use up space and showcase your wine collection!

We love how the dark backsplash tile is accented in the ribbons of colour on the countertop!



Thanks for tuning in on this week’s Flashback Friday!