Happy New Year 2016!!

Happy New Year
From us to You, may your 2016 be full of wonder.

From Everyone at Easy Installations, here is hoping that your 2016 is full of wonder, life, love and happiness!


Why not use the next 364 days to write your own fabulous story? Start a new kitchen project, buy a stranger a cup of coffee, donate time to a shelter, adopt a puppy or kitten, or do something kind for someone else. With so much strife happening around the world, why not use the next 364 days to make some changes that are positive and fulfilling?

Starting a kitchen project may not sound like it would be doing something for someone else, but think of what you could do for lower income people by donating your old cabinets or appliances? Old to you can be a wonderful gift for someone less fortunate! Posting your old cabinets on Kijiji or Used Victoria for free means that someone else can do a renovation project too…one that they just cannot afford to do without the generosity of our fellow Victorians.

Let’s all take the opportunity to help and care for others…and let’s make 2016 a year to remember! Call us today for your FREE Quote…its just that easy.