IKEA Inspired Kitchen Showroom!

We are so excited to begin sharing the process of putting together our beautiful showroom, located at 3318 Oak St. This space is shared by Easy Installations and our sister company T-Square Renovations. Both companies are run through the same office, which gives us the opportunity to offer our clients complete renovation packages from start to finish!


From early 2016 to late 2017 we had a smaller showroom, located in an upstairs unit on Tennyson Ave. We found that as we grew as a company, we really needed a space to properly showcase our work. We started looking for a new space in the summer of 2017 but we were finding it difficult to find a space that checked all our boxes. Finally we stumbled upon our new location on Oak St and began talks for a leasing agreement. The past tenants had mainly used the space for offices so it wasn’t ideal for our new kitchen showroom, a lot of work needed to be done to bring it up to snuff!


Upon our first visits we knew we’d need to remove the angled wall that divided the main space, so while our T-Square Renovations crew planned the tear out of the carpet, tile, and unnecessary walls, our Designer Esther Moores began to plan the layout of the kitchen displays. Meanwhile our other Designer, Amy McKinstry began designs for the desk and bathroom cabinets. Esther really wanted to showcase IKEA’s Grimslov Off-White Door style as it’s a popular choice for our clients and actually IKEA’s most popular door style in North America. This is a preliminary plan of the Grimslov kitchen, complete with a unique island with cabinets on both sides and space for seating.

During this design phase it was necessary to make a trip up to Chemainus to visit our friends at Bullseye The Granite Guy, who do an amazing job supplying and installing granite and quartz countertops for our clients.


It was a fun experience to be able to look at the gorgeous slabs of stone and decide which ones would work best with the IKEA door styles that we planned to showcase in our new showroom. Here’s Esther with her Door samples laid out to decide which stone will look best with which door.


Meanwhile at the showroom our crew was having a great time taking out the carpets, tile, baseboards and trim, and then tearing down that wall. Here are some photos of the process:


To give some context of how much we changed the space to fit our needs here’s the original overhead plan that we received when we were looking at getting the space, next to an overhead with our new layout.












From design, to finished product!






We are so proud of how our new showroom turned out! Stay tuned for more posts about planning the finishing touches (tile, light fixtures, appliances, sinks, etc) and for some more incredible before and after photos!