Ikea Trip!

You may have seen our Facebook post on Saturday of us at IKEA in Richmond! Esther, Amy, Julie, and Kelly took a day trip over to do some shopping and see what was the latest and greatest with IKEA!

Right when we came up the stairs there was a gorgeous model kitchen with the Kallarp High Gloss Gray-Turquoise doors that IKEA released this past summer. We have installed a this new door style as an accent on a bank of flip up cupboards in our show room but it really makes a statement as a full kitchen. And that back splash tile is to die for! You can see how the blue in the turquoise really comes across with the natural light from the windows to the left. In contrast the other Kallarp kitchen we saw in the main part of the showroom looked a bit more green gray. The natural lighting in your space is always going to make an impact on the look and feel of your kitchen so it’s a good idea to test out a sample door in different parts of your space.

With the Kallarp show kitchens IKEA seems to be going with a sleek modern look, simplistic handles like the Blankett style pair well with the doors. Also, we noticed that many of the modern kitchens are going minimalist, with push openers on the upper cupboards.  While the Kallarp is offered in all sizes, the Jarsta High Gloss Orange, is only available in certain sizes and intended to be used as an accent. You can see how it really pops in a white space, and again they’ve used the push openers to keep the lines clean, simple, and modern.


While IKEA does have many modern designs, they also know how to showcase the classics. With shaker, beadboard, and raised panel door styles on the other end of the spectrum from the high gloss flat panels.  We all loved this Bodbyn Gray kitchen, it combines a classic sense of style with farmhouse touches like the sink, and Fagleboda handles but keeps the functionality modern with tons of drawers for a great use of space and storage.  This one is another great example of an accent tile, keeping the colour palette of the rest of the kitchen simple while using the tile to make the space pop.

Check out that gorgeous island, if only all kitchens had space for something that large!


IKEA has also rolled out new sinks with beveled edges, which are a real design enhancer for traditional and modern kitchens! While they offer handles that can match classic and modern tastes they also offer handles that are totally out there like these Tosterup ones for their Besta living room system. We also noticed a lot of interactive lighting inside cabinets and drawers, as well as above cabinets. Many of the living and bedroom spaces included bold pendant lights like this stunning white and copper one. No matter your tastes, there’s always something from IKEA you can use to make a statement in your space.

All in all we had a lovely day wandering around and checking out the vast array of IKEA products, we all picked up some of their great chocolate biscuits in the food section, and stopped for lunch before braving the market hall area where we grabbed little bits and pieces for our kitchens. We had an exciting moment when we noticed two samples of new door styles that we hadn’t heard of yet, they’ll be available sometime this month so be sure to check back for a follow up post!