Keeping it Green, Bringing the Outdoors In!

Keeping it Green

Spring has officially sprung!!

With all of the beautiful shades of green outdoors, why not bring some of that indoors?

To have a kitchen where one can grow, prepare, cook, store and recycle is a fantasy to most; but IKEA offers many “green” options when designing your home and kitchen spaces to enable you to do just that.

All of the fruits and vegetables we eat on a daily basis started out in a greenhouse somewhere in the world, so why not grow them in home? In urban life, nature can seem far away, especially for kids. IKEA offers many options for greenhouses that wont take up your entire kitchen and allow a connection from the outdoors, inside your own home. Counter top greenhouses and wall hanging planters allow for small space gardening through their series of in kitchen gardening products.



Now we know going green does come with some responsibility regardless if it is indoors or outside… But, no need to feel blue, with IKEA’s “self watering” plant pots, the SOTCITRON line, takes one more task off your to-do list for you by allowing you to fill the reservoir and check periodically if it needs refilling.  Terracotta pots are a porous material which helps insure that plants to get the right amount of water and air; IKEA’s INGEFARA line provides size options and low costs for pots. They also offer watering cans and spray bottles for when your schedule does allow you time to get dirty in your garden.


For those of us fortunate to have a spacious kitchen or sun-room, IKEA offers shelving units appropriate for gardening.  Whether its indoors or outside; from trolleys that can me moved around to stationary carts / shelves, and hanging planters there are endless options when designing your green garden space.ikea-greenhouse-cabinet-gardenista-733x925

Another option for keeping it green in the home is to have plants around creating a wholesome feeling. This can also be created through organic shapes, materials and good old fashioned sunlight!



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