amazing focal point with the grey and stainless steel

Latest Project turned out AMAZING!!!

We just finished another amazing kitchen…and the homeowner couldn’t be happier!

amazing focal point with the grey and stainless steel
Pic 1 – White subway tile. Grey grout. Stainless steel range hood = beautiful focal point!

In Picture 1, White cabinets, Black and Silver accents lean themselves to a classic but fresh look. The tile choice the homeowners made might seem a little plain to some, but the choice to use a grey tinted grout makes the white subway tiles pop against the stainless steel range hood. The light coloured stone countertops reflecting the sunlight through the large windows above the sink also makes the room look much larger, open and fresh.


Picture 2 – Here we have the custom designed and built Pantry and Fridge surround.The floor to ceiling size give the illusion of much higher ceilings and brings an overall finished look to the space.

custom pantry and fridge surround - amazing
Pic 2 – Custom Pantry and Fridge surround.The floor to ceiling size gives the illusion of higher ceilings and even more storage.



Custom Designed Bar
Pic 3 – Custom Designed Bar

In Picture 3, is the custom bar/china cabinet the home owners wanted. It was made with a standard IKEA cabinet, and modified to fit the space. One more thing that shows just how amazing our installer is with making custom cabinets. No one else will ever have this kitchen, and that makes it unique and special.

We are extremely proud of this project, and very happy that the home owners love it as much as we do.

With our Kitchen Gallery now open to the public, we are busier than ever! It gives our clients an opportunity to come in, talk to someone in person and see all the options IKEA has.  It also allows our clients to order anything they want from IKEA, via our Customized Personal “Shop-for-you” service.


Come on in and see us today at 3267D Tennyson Ave, (between Kelvin Rd and Dupplin Rd – west of Douglas St)