Creating Your Children’s Bedroom is EASY with IKEA


For the most important people in the world.

Growing up we spent a lot of time in our rooms, playing, reading and imagining.

Why not build a room that inspires your children to think outside the box and put their mental gears into over drive?


IKEA offers many options for you children to release their inner Picasso or Mozart.

Shelving units and wardrobes can be used in more ways than just for storage and clothing, they can become stages, reading nooks, or their newly conquered kingdom.

Its not hard to create a magical space for story telling or adventures with IKEA excellent range of children’s accessories and design options.



Learning can be fun with rugs from HOPPLEK  or a bed canopy that transforms their bed into a cozy tree top oasis in their bedroom from the LOVA  series.



“Give every little pig and shoe a pink home”

Your sweet princess can have a room smothered in everything pink while your darling little prince fights off dragons and rescues his fair maiden from the towers in which she has been locked (BEBOELIG tent).


With the ability for their brains to expand in an IKEA bedroom, why not have a bed that grows with them?


“A bed for the fastest growing people in the world”

The SUNDVIK, BUSUNGE and MINNEN bed series all provide extendable bed options for your growing children. The bed can be extended as needed start at 125 CM and can “grow” up to 197 CM in length. Having the ability to grow is going to make it harder for your child to out grow your bed and even harder to out grow your budget.


For those with newborns and infants, IKEA offers the best in convenience for you, with change tables attached to dresser and wardrobes and cribs with storage hidden underneath. They have a huge selection of colors and designs to suit every nursery and bedroom.