Organizing your new IKEA Kitchen!

Looking through various websites and scouring the internet for tips, tricks, pics and ideas has been fun for the last couple of weeks…so here are a few tips I’ve found that focus directly on Organizing your new Ikea Kitchen :


  1.  Always get a Pull-out pantry

A pull-out pantry makes it easy to find and reach everything in deep cabinets. Make sure there is enough space  so you can reach in from both sides. Ikea has wonderful systems that are designed to fit into their cabinets specifically.

pullout pantry
Different sizes and depths for IKEA pantry System


  1. Store heavy pots and pans near where you cook 

Use drawers or pull-out wire baskets to put them within easy reach. The options for cupboard sizes depends on the size and design of your kitchen. Our designers can help you decide where everything will fit to the best advantage.

deep drawer for pots
Keep pots and lids organized close to where you cook


  1. Utilize space in corner cabinets

A corner lazy susan will help make the most of available space in the corners…you can also use lazy susans in a walk in pantry for smaller items or appliance storage. Below is a space saving lazy susan that just tucks into a deep cupboard without wasting an inch!

Space Saver Lazy Susan
Space Saver Lazy Susan


  1. Use the space under your oven

Under-oven drawers are convenient for storing trays,  pans and longer items. If you have a wall oven (or two) then having a deep drawer with a rack that allows you to store your baking dishes within easy reach…and everything has a place.

Under Oven
Under Oven Deep Drawer


5. Use the space between shelves

Shelf inserts in different depths make smart use of space. Keeping smaller items that are used daily on multi level shelves – like coffee and sugar near the coffee pot –

shelf insert
Making use of tall cupboards for smaller items can organize your space more effectively 


6.  Maximize your storage space in cabinets and closets

A combination of door-mounted baskets and shallow shelves make efficient use of space and create a good overview of stored items.

door organizer
Easy access door baskets


7. Keep recycling in place

Handy storage for kitchen waste or other items can be hidden inside a cabinet for recycling.

Keeping kitchen waste organized makes cleaning easier

There are so many tips for Ikea items on the Internet that getting ideas to incorporate into your kitchen to keep your space clean and clutter free is easy. And of course, every mom’s dream includes having things SO organized that even the kids will be able to find where everything goes!


Call us today at Easy Installations for a free quote for your new Kitchen and let’s get organized!!