Our All-Time Favourite IKEA Door-Style

IKEA’s “GRIMSLOV” Off White shaker door is a simple, yet elegant, door-style that our clients love. It is by far our most popular door-style, and we’ve seen it in a variety of kitchens. The best thing is that it is such a versatile door and can be paired with many different fixtures and finishes to adjust the look and style of your kitchen or space. 

When we go into a new client’s home for a consultation, and they are looking for soft white kitchen cabinet, we always recommend the Grimslov off-white. We know from experience that this beautiful door will work for them no matter what.  This classic shaker style can lend itself to a 1910 home with loads of character, to a modest 1970’s home, right through to a 2019 new build. There is just something about that creamy white that just works wherever it goes.  What we always tell people is that it’s easy on the eyes to everyone (for concious client’s thinking of re-sale value), it can be transformed by handles selected and can fit most budgets. A win all around!

The next reason, and often the most important, is it’s durability.  With foil material encasing the high density fiberboard core, it’s an ideal choice for cleaning and surviving a busy household.  Our Designer Esther has had her Grimslov kitchen since 2007 and still going strong!

Today, we’re sharing with you a recent kitchen renovation that we partnered with our sister company T-Square Renovations on to completely transform our client’s space, using, you guessed it – Grimslov off-white IKEA Cabinetry!


Here’s the absolutely stunning finished kitchen, designed by Esther:



And here’s a before shot:


Walking into this client’s home Esther’s first impression was that it was comfy & cozy.  The wood details flow throughout the house, keeping those cozy thoughts in your mind from room to room.  While it was a nice space, as it was, sometimes we just need to give a space a refresh, inject modern conveniences but still not fight with everything else going on. Exactly why Grimslov off white first came to mind.  It’s clean, it’s easy, and most of all it would fit in with the other features in the home. When you want to upgrade your kitchen it’s difficult to find a balance between modernizing but not clashing with the style of your home.

We met with this couple in the spring for our first consultation with Easy Installations and T-Square. From this meeting we established the area needed to open up towards the hall just to take some of the weight away.  It was already open concept, our client’s knew it just needed to go a little further to make a bigger impact.

Getting the ideas flowing…

T-Square had to investigate the potential of removing this door way. 

A subtle thought that made a world of difference.


After the initial consultation, Esther worked up a few design concepts

and worked with the clients to finalized the winning design.

Here are some stills of our computer walk through,

our designers create these designs to help our clients conceptualize the finished kitchen.




Walking into the finished space was pure joy for us. 

The team effort between the Easy Installations and T-Square crews produced a glowing new space that our clients can enjoy for many years to come. 

As you can see, the wall has been removed and has opened up the space!

Our friends over at Van Isle Tile always provide our clients with stunning tile installation.

IKEA’s Luftig range hood is so affordable and gets the job done for style and function!

So many storage options they even have drawers to spare!

Our designers love pairing the Grimslov doors with IKEA’s stainless steel “ORRNAS” handles. 

Speaking of drawers, check out this swoon-worthy set up.

An organized person’s dream. Our clients love decking out IKEA’s full extension soft closing drawers with IKEA’s “VARIERA” Bamboo Flatware trays.


While we’re here how about that stunning quartz countertop? It is Fir Stone B4008, supplied and installed by our friends at Bullseye, has little mirror flecks that catch the light so beautifully. 

We believe that the layering of materials, colour and textures that really make a space special.


Since the kitchen is the heart of your home, it often becomes a gathering place when you have guests over. Having a bar with seating on the backside of your cabinets leaves the work space free for you, while still being able to entertain. No one is lonely cooking in this kitchen!  Plenty of room to sit, visit and enjoy some of that wine from Esther’s beautifully designed custom ‘x’ wine rack. 




Let’s look at that before and after one more time…


A nice, comfortable space to be in sure, but going for comfort with today’s style wins in the end!

From design concept…


To reality!

What a beautiful finished product! 

Thank you to our wonderful clients who were champs during the renovation process and made some stellar design choices to really bring together the finishing touches in their space.

Contact us today to begin the process of making your dream kitchen a reality!