Small Kitchen Monday – Functionality

Small and functional…small doesn’t mean cramped

Having a small space for a kitchen doesn’t mean giving up on functionality. Adding shelves, and wall rails..maybe some glass fronted cabinets…can really help with organizing and keeping your small kitchen neat and tidy.

Take advantage of the open floor space to create a “permanent” island  with the sink and additional hidden cabinets or drawers (as shown here from the 2016 IKEA catalog). This island allows for extra counter and work space…and can even have the addition of a low table or breakfast bar – a feature I love!  – that could potentially eliminate the need for a huge dining room table.

Stackable stools for company, and pull the table out for a dinner party, and there you go! One thing we love about IKEA is that the possibilities are endless.

Adding in the little things that make your kitchen yours is what makes Easy Installations perfect for designing and installing your dream kitchen….regardless of size.

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