Small Kitchen Monday – Reading Nook

A day like this – crisp, a little cool and a LOT of rain – makes me want to curl up on a comfy couch or chair with a cup of coffee and a good book, while my homemade bread is rising and a thick hearty soup for dinner is bubbling away on the stove…the perfect place for this would be a lovely little reading nook in my kitchen.

kitchen reading nook
A cozy reading nook in the kitchen instead of a built in eating area allows friends and family to relax while still being in the heart of the home..

Like the image shows, having a small comfortable reading nook, or sitting area, included in your kitchen can keep you and your guests comfortable, while still being close to where the action is. I enjoy sitting with a cup of tea or coffee while cookies are baking, reading a book, of visiting with friends. having a breakfast bar on your island, and a dining room almost makes a built in breakfast area pointless….so why not turn it into a more comfortable space?

We can do that for you! As part of your first in home consultation with one of our amazing designers, one of the things they talk about is desires and wants. What are you looking for, what is your ideal space, How you you envision this looking when done?

There are so many ideas, and wishes and dreams when you first start thinking about a new kitchen, that it can morph into this huge project that is overwhelming. Our designers work within your budget and in the available space to make your dream kitchen a reality.


Call us today for your free quote, and let’s get started on your fall kitchen renovations!



Image is from Pinterest