Small Kitchen Monday – recycling

In this day and age, with so many concerns about the environment, people are becoming more and more aware of the benefits of recycling. Not only does it keep over 75% of household garbage out of our landfills, but basic recycling can also save you money. Part of the issues with recycling in a small kitchen is where to keep it! IKEA offers some wonderful space saving options, that can also help control the clutter and the smell.

Small kitchen recycling
Save floor space and go vertical! Mounting on the wall keeps you organized and clutter free.

Washing out cans and bottles before placing them in the bins can help make sure that your recycling center keeps clean. Having the stink of rotting food take over is just not a pleasant thing. Also lining your bins with compostable bags helps make it easier to put it all out by the curb on collection day.

Important to remember is to keep your bins clean too. Washing the bins out once a week (or after you take it out to the curb) will also help keep your space clean and tidy.

Visit IKEA to see some other options they have for recycling bins and organization systems.

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