Small Kitchen Monday – Summer Bright

One of my favorite summer colours is bright yellow…as strange as it sounds. However, like most designers, I feel like picking a bright, happy colour doesn’t have to overwhelm your space.

Orange isn't just for pumpkins
Bright, Happy and Warm!

One thing I really like about this colour, whether it is on your cabinets, like shown, on your walls or even the dishes or accessories, is the way it seems to brighten the small space. Using the natural light available to reflect off the shiny cabinets makes it look like there is more light available than there actually is…a very well used design trick I have seen many times!

As pretty as dark cabinets or flooring can be, it can also make a small space look smaller. Taking advantage of the natural light can draw the eye to certain element that allows your limited space seem open and warm.

Since IKEA has so many different options that whatever you choose to make your own can and will be uniquely yours.


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