Small Kitchen Mondays – Unique is possible!

Most folks think “IKEA cabinets? Aren’t those cheap?”

One of OUR custom designed and installed IKEA Kitchens...does this look cheap?? I don't Think so!
One of OUR custom designed and installed IKEA Kitchens…does this look cheap?? I don’t think so, and neither does the VERY happy home-owner!! 

…even some of our more…outspoken…competition try to say that you cannot get a nice kitchen using mass produced cabinets, claiming that because they are “flatpacked” they are made with inferior materials…we disagree, wholeheartedly! What EVERY kitchen cabinet company will never tell you is that ALL their materials come flat pack too!! That’s why it needs to be assembled! Think about it…is a “custom cabinets” company ACTUALLY out there, cutting down trees, carving the boards, etc just to construct kitchen cabinets?? Not likely, as that would be EXTREMELY expensive. Its a “secret” of the kitchen cabinet industry that they all refuse to admit to; IKEA is open and honest over the fact that they do it on purpose…to save YOU money!!

While I can agree that if 200 people all bought the same cabinets, and installed them by themselves,  their kitchens would look all exactly the same….like they came out of a box

DIY a cabinet is hard
Trying to DIY a cabinet? Harder than it looks!!

….what is unique about Easy Installations is the CUSTOM designs and installations. It is the finishing touches that make it unique. It is our CUSTOM design that take advantage of everything you could possibly do with a IKEA cabinet to make it YOURS….there are so many configurations that most people just don’t know about all the possibilities. we also do all the finishing touches…end panels, crown molding, and custom build cabinet bases…

The finished products are just amazing…and magazine worthy, in most cases. We actually have one of our largest custom kitchens being featured in a local magazine next week…our competition can’t say the same thing!!


Check out our website, and ask for your free Quote today…and you too can save a bunch of your hard earned money with the custom kitchen of your dreams.