Trendy Tuesday – All About SEKTION

We are very excited about IKEA’s new kitchen system, SEKTION.  

SEKTION is Designed to give you the freedom to create the kitchen that’s perfect for your life, your home, your style and your budget. Get ready to set those kitchen dreams free.

This gorgeous SEKTION kitchen combines natural elements with bright white cabinets and pops of yellow.  While this kitchen features lots of natural light, it is easy to keep spaces looking bright by utilizing white cabinets and sunny colours.

Spacious SEKTION kitchen with pops of yellow

custom open cabinetsThis new line is all about customizing your cabinets and drawers, while allowing you to stylishly maximize your space.  Our designers love to assist you in creating your custom designed dream kitchen.  SEKTION offers options for clients who prefer drawers-within-drawers which allow you to seamlessly tuck your pots and pans away.  Another popular trend is showing off your kitchen with open cabinets, or cabinets with glass doors.  We are drooling over this stunning custom kitchen featuring several shades of wood finishes. We also love the mixture of open and closed cabinets.  You could always limit yourself to one cabinet colour and display colourful glassware or vintage knick-nacks.  If your space features slanted roofs you may feel limited by what you can fit in your vertical space, but this custom shelving goes to show that you can do anything with a little imagination!

Dishwasher Panel

We adore the custom cabinets that can be built around your dishwasher to hide your appliance with a streamlined look.  This is a great idea for clients who do not like the look of appliances and want to tuck them away.  The wow factor will amuse your family and friends for years on end.


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