White Kitchen Wednesday – Downsizing without Compromisizing

Been looking for new inspiration? Here it is. The new 2016 IKEA Catalog is emphasizing the concept of bringing family together, and being cozy in a smaller space….which is something we specialize in! There is no reason to compromise on space when you are downsizing. I am currently downsizing from a 3 bedroom, 2500 square foot,  3 story home into a 2 bedroom, 980 square foot mobile home…and it has been interesting. The one thing I will not compromise on is my kitchen. I have learnt the value in having extremely good organizational skills, taking advantage of every square inch and using the hidden gems of space previously not thought of – like the backs of doors and small narrow shelves in closets, above doorways and inside open cabinets – something IKEA specializes in.

Downsize without Compromise
From the New 2016 IKEA Catalog…

This particular image is so appealing because the colour of the walls makes the white cabinets seem larger, and therefore more manageable, in a little area. Downsizing doesn’t mean giving up on the necessities…it just means giving up on the clutter. Some think that having a white custom kitchen can make a room or space look smaller, while in reality, a white kitchen can actually enhance and visually expand the space.

So, while downsizing can mean learning to live without a lot of junk, it can also mean perfecting your organizational skills and spending time browsing thru the 2016 IKEA catalog for some new and amazing ideas for your new kitchen.

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