White Kitchen “Wednesday” – Red and White for Canada Day!!

Since our office will be closed tomorrow to celebrate Canada Day; the birthday of our great nation, I have a Red and White inspiration in honor!

Even if its not a true “white” kitchen for tomorrow, I absolutely ADORE Red and White together…its a gorgeous combination to make your home shine!

Canada Day Kitchen
Fun and Flirty…this Red and White beauty is in Celebration of our Great Nation!

Just the clean classic lines of these Red base cabinets and the White upper cabinets makes a combination that really shows just how much a kitchen can handle!

Accents in red, white, black or even different shades of green can add your personal touch and style to this exquisite masterpiece! Add in a multi-coloured area rug, a vase full of red, white and green flowers, and watch how the colours of our great land can make your home a place to so proud of !

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